VR ski simulator

Let's go. Showing our good skiing skill.

VR arcade startup

What’s a VR Skiing Simulator?

There are 2 model games can be chosen:

VR snow skiing model: Standing on the VR skiing simulator. The pulling rope interactive technology as your ski stick makes you balance and propulsion.

VR water skiing model: Sitting in a small boat, control your oars and brave in the face of rushing water. To fight for your boat racing champion.

VR Snow Skiing


VR Water Skiing


Wind Blower

vr skiing air blower
vr ski machine
vr ski game

Immersive Skiing Simulator

There are 2 ropes as your game ski sticks, pushing them to control turn left or right, and keep balance. Pushing 2 ropes together to propel uphill and pick up speed.
vr skiing simulator

Cool LED Lighting

The sporty ski simulator model with cool LED lighting. Make us feel like playing in the snow.
vr ski jump

Snow Sticks simulator

Holding and pulling to control your direction and keep balance. Make a skier dream come true indoor.

Safety Belt

Avoiding falls down. Have fun and enjoy your skiing game.

DEEPOON E3C VR Headset / Panorama Version

2.5K Eye-protective LCD Screen ( 2560×1440 / 70Hz )
Ergonomic & Adjustable head strap Design
Low latency Low afterglow No dizziness
110°FOV & IPD Adjustment ( 54-74mm )
Compact and Lightweight ( 305g only )
High-grade Fresnel Lens
Deepoon E3C

Interactive Virtual Reality Skiing Games

Because of the cool LED lighting and sporty model. Now it is probably the most popular VR skiing machine for your VR arcade center. No matter you want to play snow skiing or water skiing, it both can be played.

Easy to Open Your VR Park by VART VR Arcade Solution

VR Skiing Simulator

From the day VR Game Machine invented. VART began to learn how can make VR running as an earn money VR amusement project. Now we have lots of successful cases of VR theme Park. VART has developed many different VR Game Simulator. After 10 years of innovation and accumulation, now VART VR Game Equipment can easily make your VR Arcade startup.

Plug and Play

vr snow skiing

All parts set well before shipment.

Just turn on the computer and play. So easy!

Game Showing TV

VR ski game displayer

Showing VR skiing game when playing.
It must attract passing people crowded into your VR arcade.

Surround Sound Speaker

VR skiing speaker

Surround and bass sound to simulating the snow skiing and rushing water.
Making the ski experience more immersive.

Choosing Game Buttons

Chose a game buttons

Button console to make your VR business easier.
You can press the button to confirm a game you want to play.

Sporty Skiing Simulator

The model is very important for VR arcade business (VR game simulator). The VR Skiing is a cool LED lighting VR sport game machine.

virtual reality ski machine
virtual reality ski simulator

Gallery of VR Skiing Simulator


Keep the VR Game Smooth and Clear all the time


American i5 6400
Motherboard of VR Game Machine


Graphic Card of VR Game Machine

Graphic Card

Hard Disk of VR Simulator

Hard Disk

Power Supply 500W of VR Equipment

Power Supply

Quiet Power Supply 500W
Memory Card of VR Simulator

Memory Card



Playing VR Skiing Machine is a new way to playing VR games and do sport at the same time!
vr ski simulator

VR Skiing Simulator - VART-031

10 Years CE RoHS VR Game Machine Factory
VR SimulatorVR Skiing
Voltage / Power
110-240V | 1.5KW
VR glasses
VR Games & Movies
2 pcs
Playing time
2-10 mins(can be set freely)
Size (L*W*H)156 * 105 * 203cm
List of goods
1 x VR Headset
1 x 32 inch TV
1 x VR Skiing Simulator
Computer configuration
CPU: Intel i5 6400
Motherboard: B250M – GIGABYTE
Hard Disk: SSD 240G – GALAX
Graphics Card: 3GB GTX1060 – ZOTAC
Memory Card: 8GB DDR4 – Kingston
Power Supply: 500W – Great Wall