VART VR Multiplayer with Interactive 4-6 Players Shooting Game

2019 Multiplayer VR Shooting Game for HTC VIVE, interactive shooting Virtual Reality cage space. The world’s leading online multiplay solution can be running and earn money!

Guangzhou Longcheng Electronic Co., Ltd.

vr multi-player
A: Tracking Base StationB: LED LightingC: TV Flat Screen 42 Inch HD 1080PD: Logo AreaE: i5 / i7 CPU Computer Game Console
F: Iron CageG: HTV VIVE HeadsetH: Interactive GunI: Iron DoorJ: Walking Platform

How To Play? 

Players using VR guns to interact with shooting games. Pressing the trigger to fire, swing down to reload. The player will fall down when the blood volume becomes zero. If your shooting skill and teamwork doing very well, and you will win the game.

Terrifying & Screaming


Open Fire! The disgusting monsters and zombies are closing to you. It will be getting dark when the monsters growing big. Make us feel at the end of the world. You should stand with teammates to fight back and save your life. Battling in this team shooting game, you will become a super-soldier.



shooting vr team


High Accuracy Game Modeling, 1:1 Game Screen to achieve immersed sense.
gun of vr shooting game


Interactive Gun firearms open fire in game will bring you real shooting feedback.
VR cage headphone


3D sound sounding around ears. Real firearm shooting effect, monster shrouding effect.


Advanced Multi-player VR Shooting Platform
VR shooting games

High interactive

Shooting, Attacking, Moving, Turning Around. Giving players immersive feeling in the battlefield.
VR cage shooting

Real Iron Cage Game Platform

Gloomy Space. Attacking in uncharted territory.
VR Cage

3x3.5m Iron Cage Playing Space

Breathtaking VR shooting game iron cage platform.
VR shooting games

Real Time Display the Game Screen

Showing one player’s vision on 42″HD 1080P TV
VR Shoot Projector

1:1 Game Scene

The slide projector showing the 1:1 game scene. It can attract people’s strong interest to play.
VR cage vibration floor

Vibration Floor

Simulating the monsters walking on the floor. Giving vibration feedback to players.

The Next Popular Virtual Reality Shooting Game

 Many people are looking for a Multiplayer VR game. It must be a popular Virtual Reality Game in VR Arcade.


China Leading Earn Money VR Solution
Low budget & High Return

VART R&D department developing a profitable solution for multiplayer VR for more than 2 years. This Iron Cage VR Multiplayer is the result of combining the ideas of the latest VR technologies in China. And gain the players’ love to play.


Popular VR Simulator Landmark

This is an essential VR Game Machine if you want to run a VR Theme Park.


A solution that can be operated and earn money

Maybe you have seen or played the open VR space or other VR team simulator. But it must be wearing a laptop on your back, heavy and not comfortable. Not only that, but it is also at a high cost, dependent on large areas. So, VART VR Multiplayer is an easy earn money VR solution.

Original VR Shooting Game

5 Interactive shooting games can be played for VR Multiplayer
Warfare Parasite Eye, Jurassic World, Boom Beach(for kids), Starship Trooper, Fantasy Adventure Deserted Land

Professional VR Game Equipment 

i5 / i7 Intel inside, HTC VIVE VR Headset, Interactive Shooting Gun

Interactive Gun HTC VIVE Commos Controller

HTC VIVE Headset & Tracking Base Station

Gallery of Multiplayer VR Shooting Game


Iron Cage VR Shooting Battle Platform with CE RoHS Certificate!

VR SimulatorVR Multiplayer
Players4 or 6
Voltage / Power110-240V | 4.0KW
VR headsetHTC VIVE
Movie quantity (included)5pcs
Playing time2-10 mins (can be set freely)
Size (L*W*H)357 * 310 * 245cm
List of goods4 x VR Headsets
4 x PP Guns
1 x Iron Cage
Computer configurationCPU: Intel i5 6400
Motherboard: B250M – GIGABYTE
Hard Disk: SSD 240G – GALAX
Graphics Card: 3GB GTX1060 – ZOTAC
Memory Card: 8GB DDR4 – Kingston
Power Supply: 500W – Great Wall