VR Motorcycle

2021 NEW Modern Design. Crazy!

Showing your racing skill. Enjoy the Fast & Furious.

Just like a superhero film fulling sense of the technology feeling. Quite a single wheel racing motorcycle monster that 100% you have never played! What are you waiting for?

VR arcade startup

VART VR Motorcycle / Virtual Reality Simulator Games Equipment

Riding on VART Starship VR Motorcycle is an extreme racing that we can never refuse. Bringing you to reach up into space with a roaring engine and fast-rotating wheel.

Guangzhou Longcheng Electronic Co., Ltd.

motorcycle vr
A: 42 Inch TV with Stand B: DEEPOON E3C VR Headset C: Wind Blower D: Throttle E: XY Axis Motion Platform
F: Base G: Seat Belt H: Game Selection Pannel I: Hi-Fi Speaker J: LED Light

WHAT’S VR Driving Simulator

VR motorcycle can simulate riding actions base on the different racetracks. The wind will be blowing to your face and hair when you pick up speed or go downhill when you racing fast. Outrun other motorcyclists to cross the finish line first. You are the Moto Champion!

Virtual Reality Simulator


Starship VR Motorcycle

game time setting

Game Time Limit Setting

comfortable motor seat

Racing Seat

vr game displayer

42 Inches HD TV To Show Game

motorcycle vr glasses

VR Game Headset


Game Buttons

vr motorcycle air blower

Wind Blower

coin acceptor payment

Coin / Card System Optioanl

Motorcycle Racing Simulator – XY motion platform

VR Motorcycle Simulator is the Newest product of VART. Cause of XY motion platform. The Starship Virtual Reality Motor can 20cm forward and backward movement. 20cm left and right movement. 15° left and right when you turning a corner.

vr motorcycle simulator

Professional Sport Motorcycle Simulator

1:1 throttle, brake and clutch of a real motorcycle. Waking up your mind and body to ride on it.
vr motorcycle controller
vart vr motorcycle xy motion platform

XY Axis Motion Platform

Create by VART. 20cm forward, backward, left and right movement. And 15° left and right fall according to the racetrack.

i5 or i7 Computer

Intel i5-6400 CPU
8GB DDR4 Memory
SSD 240G Hard-disk
Graphics card: 1060 – GALAX
i5 i7 computer of VR motorcycle

DEEPOON E3C VR Headset / Panorama Version

2.5K Eye-protective LCD Screen ( 2560×1440 / 70Hz )
High-grade Fresnel Lens
110°FOV & IPD Adjustment ( 54-74mm )
Low latency Low afterglow No dizziness
Ergonomic & Adjustable head strap Design
Compact and Lightweight ( 305g only )
Deepoon E3C

Professional Sport Motorcycle Simulator

Steam VR top motorcycle game, a so awesome magnetic suspension motorcycle racing game (8 different scenes), and V-Racer (17 racetracks). More motorcycle models and tracks will be coming soon. Clients love to play again and again.

Modern Patent Design

Crazy! Do you believe that single wheel motorcycle can run faster than traditional style?

This Spaceship VR motorcycle is a new amusement machine design by VART. A new and intended to be different from traditional style one. The attractive model and design is the most important key to make your VR business successful. Maybe 1 piece star VR game simulator can attract hundreds of people crowded into your VR arcade center. Click here if you are looking for VR Sports Car Simulator.


VR Motorcycle for sale, Check the following parameter list for a more complete overview of product details.


VR Motorcycle - VART-029

VR Motorcycle Simulator for sale
VR Simulator
Virtual Reality Motorcycle
Voltage / Power
110-240V | 1200W
VR headset
VR Games & Movies
2 pcs
Playing time
2-7 mins(can be set freely)
Packing Size ( LXWXH )
 222 X 190 X 250 cm
List of goods
1 X Starship Motorcycle
1 X VR Glasses
1 X 42inches TV with Stand
1 X Game Selection Panel
Computer configuration
CPU: Intel i5 6400
Motherboard: B250M – GIGABYTE
Hard Disk: SSD 240G – GALAX
Graphics Card: 3GB GTX1060 – ZOTAC
Memory Card: 8GB DDR4 – Kingston
Power Supply: 500W – Great Wall