Sporty VR Horse Riding

Riding your horse and you could fight on the battlefield

Is the VR Horse Riding an immersive Virtual Reality game?

Sure! The horse riding simulator will bring you to cold-weapon periods. Your horse will according to the war situation running or jumping. You can be using machete, spear, bow and crossbow. And show your good leadership to bring an army to gain a new castle. Not only that, but you also can take up guns to shooting zombies. See! That’s a VR Game Simulator in a nice immersive experience!.

  Virtual Reality Game Simulator

100% Immersice Experience in VR Gaming

When you ride on the horse, you will become a super warrior.
And waving the VR Game Controllers to kill the enemy general and gain new weapons!

VR arcade startup
VR horse riding
Game showing displayerGame display VR HorseHTC VIVE Headset & ControllerVR horse VR controllerHorse Riding VR Simulator SeatVR Horse SaddleVR Riding StirrupVR horse Stirrup

Strong gaming Immersice Experience with many advantages.

I can’t stop screaming, I can’t stop charging and play again!

Antagonistic of VR horse


Enemy range from human to monster. We can hear horror shouting. Games clear picture quality and smoothness.

Competitive VR Riding


Self-motivated, players will wish themself can gain honor from the VR Riding games.

VR horse fighting game


According to the war situation, you need to make the right choice using machete, spear, bow or crossbow to kill the enemy far away from you or nearby.

VR horse riding game


Driving horse to jump across the broken bridge. Pick up a spear to destroy the enemy soldiers before you. Dodge enemy fire and kill all the enemies.

VR Horse Headset

HTC VIVE Headset & Controllers

According to the VR game operation. HTC VIVE VR Headset & Controllers can run the game smoothly.

9D VR horse

Sporty VR Horse Simulator

This VR War Horse Simulator simulating a horse walking, running fast and jumping across. Horse riding and racing virtual reality games with the sporty models. So cool!

Professional VR War Horse Riding Games

Just like real riding horse experience. The VR Controllers in quick response changing and holding on spear, bow or gun.
Providing a reliable weapon and help you to fight the enemy.

Gallery of 9D VR Racing Horse Simulator


Development by VART and Support customized for your LOGO and Horse Model


VR Horse Riding Simulator

VR Riding Horse for Sale | 10 Years CE RoHS VR Simulator Factory

VR SimulatorVirtual Reality Horse Rding
Voltage / Power110-240V | 2.5KW
VR headsetHTC VIVE
Movie quantity (included )4pcs
Playing time2-10 mins(can be set freely)
Size (L*W*H)170 * 125 * 230cm
List of goods1 x VR Headsets
1 x Horse Ride Simulator
Computer ConfigurationCPU: Intel i5 6400
Motherboard: B250M – GIGABYTE
Hard Disk: SSD 240G – GALAX
Graphic Card: 3GB GTX1060 – ZOTAC
Memory Card: 8GB DDR4 – Kingston
Power Supply: 500W – Great Wall