VR Egg Cinema

Self-Service Solution

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What’s a VR Egg Cinema?

Are you feel bored when waiting for your flight? Do you want to have a nice VR movie or learn about your next place? This Self-Service VR Egg Cinema can bring you thrilling, immersive
360-degree experiences!

Virtual Reality Cinema – Not only playing VR games but also learning.

360° Panoramic

motorcycle vr glasses

VR Shooting Games


Chosen a Movie

vr cinema chosen a movie

360 Degrees Motion

360 degree motion vr cinema
vr cinema china
vr cinema base

360 Degrees Chair

You can 360 degrees movement to watch the VR videos. Takes up only 1 sqm space. Small investment: 1/6 price for similar products.

Skyworth Standalone VR Headset

Screen Resolution: 3840*2160 pixels
Supports 8K hardware decoding
Supports 4K resolution display
No third-party app required for decoding
The lightweight main body (399g)
Built with Virtual Reality Cinema Solution
vr cinema headset

The Catalog of 360 Degree Panorama VR Games & Movies

Beach, sea, grassland, mountain, amusement park, music show, museum, dinosaur, cartoon, kid games and so on.
Rich VR Games & Movies will keep updating. Many choices and enjoy the fun!
vr cinema movies

VR Egg Chair Model

The model is very important for VR business (VR Arcade Equipment). The VR Submarine is a lovely VR shooting game machine.

The model is very important for VR business (VR Arcade Machine). The VR Egg Chair is a fashion Virtual Reality Cinema. Click here if you are looking for 9D Egg Cinema 6 Seaters.
vr egg cinema
egg vr cinema

Case of VR Egg Cinema from Our Clients

Now it is one of the best VR cinema projects for air, museum and shopping mall. You can pass the time when waiting for your flight or learn more about history when visiting a museum.
vr cinema mall
virtual reality cinema

Gallery of Virtual Reality Cinema


Playing VR Bike is a new way to playing VR games and do sport at the same time!

VR Egg Cinema - VART-029

14 Years CE RoHS VR Game Machine Factory
VR Simulator VR Egg Cinema
Voltage / Power
110-240V | 60W
VR glasses
Skyworth Standalone VR Headset
VR Games & Movies
35 pcs
Playing time
2-10 mins(can be set freely)
Size (L*W*H) 81 * 87 * 49cm
List of goods
1 X VR Glasses
1 X VR Seat Platform
1 X 19 Inches Touch Screen Console
1 X Accessory Package
Computer configuration
For your project’s need