VR Arcade Room

Shy in public? Hot and uncomfortable in summer?
Let's play in the VR Arcade Room! Most interactive VR games inside!

 WHAT’S The VR Arcade Room

Pay by coin or card. Wearing on HTC VIVE headset, picking up the VR controllers to choose a game you want to play. Then you can shooting, jumping, turning around, squatting down, moving freely in this Virtual Reality Room. Many interactive VR games are waiting for you. Let’s play, don’t be shy!

Self Service VR Escape Room

VR arcade startup

Immersive Moving and Shooting Experience

Move your way in the 360 degrees Panoramic virtual world. Enjoy your game time with your great skill.
Throw away your bad mood, let yourself be free!

VR room air conditioner

Mini Air Conditioner
VR Room Glasses Set

HTC Vive Headset
VR Room Game Displayer

36 Inch Game Displayer
VR Room Speaker

Surround sound speaker
VR Room card system

Support Card Payment
VR Room coin system

Support Coin Payment
Playing VR Room

HTC VIVE VR Headset (2.5K)

2.5K Eye-protective LCD Screen (2160X1200)
Dual AMOLED 3.6” diagonal
110°FOV & IPD Adjustment
Low latency Low afterglow No dizziness
Ergonomic & Adjustable head strap Design
Compact and Lightweight

VR Room VR Glasses and Controllers


This Virtual Reality Room is 100% safe and free private space to relax. VR Games include BEAT SABER, JURASSIC WORLD, STARSHIP TROOPERS, BULLET SORROW VR, SPACE PIRATE, CHRISTMAS FRUIT NINJA. We support game updates in a lifetime.
THE self-service VR room can earn money by itself! Everyone loves to play.

Touch Screen Game Control Panel

VR Room Game Control Panel

22″ touch control panel with payment guide
Software developed by VART

Game Content Showing on TV

VR Room Game Displayer

Game showing on TV when playing.
Attract people to come and play. Support for customized advertisement videos for you.

Anti-Theft VR controllers

VR Room Anti-theft VR controllers

VR controllers contacting with anti-theft wires.
No need recharging.

Air Conditioner Inside

VR Room with Air Conditioner

A complete air conditioner with a humidifier air purifier in the room.
16 to 27℃ can be set. Create a personal cooling zone and fresh the air.

i5 / i7 PC

VR Room with i5 i7 CPU computer

CPU: Intel i5 6400
Motherboard: B250M – GIGABYTE
Hard Disk: SSD 240G – GALAX
Graphics Card: 3GB GTX1060 – ZOTAC
Memory Card: 8GB DDR4 – Kingston
Power Supply: 500W – Great Wall

Setting Game Time Freely

Earn Money VR room

The original game time is 5 minutes.
Game time support freely reset.
Quite an earn money VR Room.

Fashion VR Arcade Room/Private Space

An attractive model & design is the way to bring your VR business successfully!

From the day of VR Machine born. VART begins to develop how to run the VR game machine in self-service and earn money. Which everyone can spend a little money can enjoy the virtual reality game. Not only that, but the operator can also run the VR business easily. Now VART has complete VR Arcade Solution.

Virtual Reality Room
VR Arcade Equipment

Gallery of VR Arcade Room (VR Arcade)


Support customized your personalized requirements, such as LOGO and UI design.

VR Room games


Keep VR Games run stable and smooth


American i5 6400
Graphic Card of VR Game Machine

Graphic Card

Motherboard of VR Game Machine


Memory Card of VR Simulator

Memory Card

Hard Disk of VR Simulator

Hard Disk

Power Supply 500W of VR Equipment

Power Supply

Quiet Power Supply 500W


Development by VART and support 1MOQ customized for your individualized needs

Virtual Reality Room

VR Arcade Room - VART-015

VR Room | Self-service private VR game space with CE RoHS
VR Simulator
VR Arcade Room
Voltage / Power110-240V | 2.0KW
VR headsetHTC VIVE
Movie quantity(included)8pcs
Playing time2-10 mins(can be set freely)
Size(L*W*H)159 * 199 * 262cm
List of goods1 x VR Headsets
1 x VR Controllers
1 x VR Game Glass Room
Computer configurationCPU: Intel i5 6400
Motherboard: B250M – GIGABYTE
Hard Disk: SSD 240G – GALAX
Graphics Card: 3GB GTX1060 – ZOTAC
Memory Card: 8GB DDR4 – Kingston
Power Supply: 500W – Great Wall