VR arcade startup

Personal Fighter Plane has come true.
Flying & Shooting follow your orders!

virtual reality flight simulator

360 Rotating with the shooting.
Just like driving a spaceship and fighting in the space.

vr 360 chair

Shaking your body with popular music!
Make your own dancing composition available.

vr dancing machine

Affordable VR booth.
VR Headset down & rise Self-motion control when game star & over.

vr arcade machine

Multi-player VR Shooting Platform with HTC VIVE.
Virtual Reality Zombie Space!

vr multiplayer

VART 9D VR Game Machine for VR Arcade.
All kinds of VR Game Equipment can One-stop Shopping or Customized. Free 3D Layout design for your VR Park.

vr theme park

4th Generation 9D VR Chair, Better Power, big size comfortable seats.
Cool LED Lighting Design. Most popular in VR Park.

vr gaming chair

Shy in public? Hot and uncomfortable?
Air conditioner inside. Coin or card payment self-operated!

Self Operated VR Room for Sale

6 DOF motion platform with 6 seater VR Cinema.
New style entertainment solution of 9D Virtual Reality Cinema.

vr family

HTC VIVE entertainment VR Solution!
Double income at the same time. 2 players scores battle.

vr standing platfrom